Bike Shipping - Receiving

The Cycling Hub is proud to offer professional packing and shipping services. We are an authorized UPS shipper and can handle all of your shipping needs. Please note for UPS, there is also a "Large Package" surcharge for any bicycle box over 130 girth inches. Girth is measured Length + 2x Width + 2x Height. This total should be less than 130 girth inches. MOST regular cardboard bike boxes and shipping cases are @126 inches. There is a $75 charge from UPS for any "oversized" packages. This is in addition to the regular shipping charges.

Coming for a Triathlon, Camp, or Cycling Event? our Pack & Ride Deal includes the following services:

  • Receiving
  • Unpacking
  • Professional Assembly
  • Basic Tune-Up and Adjustments - lubrication
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Disassembly
  • Repacking 

Return shipping charges are in addition the the Pack & Ride Deal. This is a value packed package that will save you time and money! Do not be fooled by competitors adds that have additional add-ons for tune-ups and other services. Delivery is available for all Cycling Hub sponsored events at an additional charge. (see below) *This is for delivery only, athlete responsible for the return of the bike to the store location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to mark ALL of your measurements pertaining to your bike fit. The Cycling Hub is not responsible for any bicycle assembly and fit that is not ledgibly marked in regards to positioning of the seat, seatpost, handlebar, aerobar, and stem height. It is recommended that you take measurements prior to disassembly and mark those measurements on a piece of paper. Then you can mark the heights with tape, a marker, or paint marker. The Cycling Hub will not be responsible for incorrect positioning due to components that are either not marked or improperly marked. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the bike is packaged properly. UPS will not honor any claim for bicycles that were inproperly packed.

Be sure to hit the "SUBMIT FORM" button at the bottom. This will submit the form electronically to us at The Cycling Hub.

Payment will be required when picking up the bicycle from the store or venue. Venue delivery is an additional service.

Please indicate any additional services that you are requesting. Be sure to click the "call with estimate" button if you would like us to call you with an estimate first. Some services are exclusive to certain events.
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